Winter Weather Starts Now and What that Means to You

It seems we were just writing about the Dog Days of Summer and Don’t Let Humidity Put a Damper on Your End-of-Summer Fun.  While the official start of winter does not start until December 21, it was early December last year that approximately 2.5 inches of snow fell in our area.  Now is the time to make sure your home is winter ready, and that you have proper pipe insulation. 

Pipe insulation reduces the chance of frozen pipes during cold weather and eliminates condensation. Moisture condenses on cold, hard surfaces. If your cold water pipes aren't insulated, they are probably providing a condensing surface for moisture in your basement air. If it is in a high humidity climate like the Carolinas, cold pipes can especially be prone to condensation issues. A fully taped and insulated cold water pipe won’t condense moisture on its surface.  Additionally, if your basement or crawl space has uninsulated walls, cold water pipes would be likely to freeze if left uninsulated.

No matter if you are insulating your cold water pipes to prevent freezing and moisture issues, insulating the hot water pipes in your house to save money on heating expenses, or insulating your ductwork to prevent moisture issues, Sherrill Structural Repair is here to help.  Call us 980-250-2711.