Don't Let Humidity Put a Damper on Your End-of-Summer Fun

Humidity can put a damper on your hairdo, your outdoor party, and even your home. The good news is you can always wear a hat, move your party indoors, and call Sherrill Structural Repair to check your home’s moisture levels. 

High levels of humidity in your home can cause it to be uncomfortable, it can also cause health hazards and moisture problems. Crawl spaces and basements are a key area to have inspected for condensation on walls.  If you have a musty smell, you need to immediately check for mold and mildew issues (read more about mold here).  Sherrill Structural Repair can provide you with recommendations on foundation vents, opening or closing existing doors/windows, adding insulation, or installing a dehumidifier.  Problematic moisture levels in your home can also lead to problems in your flooring, storage spaces, gaps in walls, and your attic space.

Sherrill Structural Repair can inspect your home’s moisture levels.  Give us a call at 980-250-2711.