Bees are one of nature’s most important creatures. They help plants, trees, and flowers grow, making our world more beautiful and our food healthier.

However, as helpful as they are to our environment, when they infiltrate our home, they can also cause structural damage to your foundation and even health hazards. 


How can bees damage my home’s foundation? 

While most people are familiar with honey bees, there are other types of bees that might make their way into or around your home, such as carpenter bees and bumblebees. 

Some bees, such as carpenter bees, don’t build hives. Instead, they burrow into wood to make their nests, especially females. 

These bees are mostly found drilling holes in your wood beams & siding materials and can weaken your home’s structural integrity.

On the other hand, bumblebees and wasps like yellow jackets build their nests at ground level or below the ground. These insects can damage your home’s foundation and can be tricky to get rid of. 


What other effects can bees bring to my home?  

Aside from damaging your home, honey bees and their hives can also attract other critters and animals, such as bears and badgers. If you’ve read our blog post about critter-caused foundation damage, then you’ll know that these animals can also pose a threat to your home and its foundation. 


Can bees compromise my safety?

We all know this: bees and wasps sting when they feel threatened or when they think their hives are in danger. And getting stung by these insects is nothing to joke about. They seriously hurt! 

However, aside from the stinging, having bees around can also be dangerous to people who are allergic to them. An allergic reaction to bees can lead to skin reactions as well as difficulty breathing. 


How can I fix my bee problem? 

Even when you notice foundation damages to your home, the first important thing is still to drive the bees away and get rid of their nest or hive. It’s 100% better to call a pest control specialist instead of doing this step yourself. 

A specialist should know how to safely drive the bees away and give you advice to prevent them from coming back. 

After the bees and the hive are gone, the next step would be to call foundation repair experts to help you assess the damage and determine how to fix it. 

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