Top Tips to Handle Critter-Caused Foundation Damage

As humans, one of our essential needs is shelter. But animals aren’t that different; they need a place to store their food and stay warm too.

Sometimes, unfortunately, that means digging into your crawl or invading your crawlspace. This can lead to water leaks, messy garbage cans, contaminated water and air, and yes, even foundation damage.

Of course, if you’ve been following our blog posts, you’ll know that foundation damage can be caused by many different factors. So how will you know if a critter is involved?


Take a walk.

Time to bust out your magnifying glass! Take a walk around your house and try to see if there are droppings or shredded nesting material (like paper, plastic or even wood).


Look out!

Some animals, like moles or ground squirrels, like to create underground tunnels. Try to feel around and look for signs of digging, such as torn grass, messed up soil, or even slight sinking when you step on the ground.


Check it out.

Crawl spaces are a popular spot for critters to hangout in. When was the last time you checked your crawl space?



Check your foundation for cracks and gaps. And if you notice alarming cracks, make sure to call experts.

If you suspect a critter-caused foundation damage, don’t worry. Here are our top tips to help you handle it:


Declutter your critters.

The first thing to do is to drive away the unwanted animals that are causing damage. Don’t get us wrong— there are better ways to solve your animal problem other than poisoning or dangerous traps.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is call a trusted exterminator to help you extract them out of your property. They can help you make sure that procedures are safe and that every critter is taken care of.


Cover up.

Find out all the possible entrances and exits the animals are using to infiltrate your home and seal it as much as you can. Have a secure door for your crawl space, properly seal your garbage cans, and monitor your garden.

When animals dig the soil around your foundation, it can cause your foundation to settle. Additionally, if you notice cracks and gaps, they can be used by insects, rodents and water to enter.


Clean up.

Most of the time, we welcome unwanted pests and animals to our property without even knowing it. Make sure your garbage cans and other wastes are properly disposed and covered up. Have tightly sealed containers for your food and perishable products. Always make sure that your house and property is clean (yes, even your crawl space).



Trusted professionals can help you make sure that the damage is not detrimental to your safety. With a FREE quote from SSR, you can be sure that every nook and cranny is inspected, all your questions are answered, and that our service is top-notch.


Have extra (and expert) pairs of eyes evaluate your home and foundation for damages and receive professional advice.

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