Thinking about a home ventilation system might not be part of your everyday routine, but it is something that plays a vital role in the design and comfort of your home.

The major components of a home ventilation system are the ductwork and the exhaust fans, which play crucial role in maintaining the comfort levels of your home as well as reducing moisture which can lead to mold growth.

There are a several types of ventilation systems that can be used in a home – though each style works on the same premise. The most common types of residential exhaust fans are:

  • Those which are vented directly outside your home through the use of ductwork or the ventilation system.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted exhaust fans (most commonly used in bathrooms or kitchens).
  • Inline exhaust fans which are designed to connect to the home’s duct work and expel air through the existing ventilation system.


Benefits of a Home Ventilation System

Ventilation fans are most commonly placed in kitchen or bathroom areas, but can also be installed in garages, basements, or laundry rooms. They offer a variety of benefits to your home – provided they are installed by a professional.

Chances are, that your home has at least one exhaust fan. However, if you are wondering if it is truly necessary, consider these benefits of a home exhaust system:

  • Exhaust systems removes odors from places such as the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Living in North Carolina, dealing with humidity is a part of life. But excess humidity doesn’t have to be inside the home! Exhaust fans minimize humidity which means less concern about decorating elements such as paint or wallpaper being damaged due to excess moisture or encouraging mold growth.
  • Contaminants – Exhaust fans, especially in bathrooms or laundry areas, play a key role in keeping fumes and allergens from cleaning chemicals from “floating” in the air.
  • If a space in your home is already being affected by a mold problem, the fan will help remove airborne mold spores, and help to slow down the mold’s growth rate.
  • Do you hate it when you get out of the shower, and the mirror is fogged up? An exhaust fan will help control the amount of moisture and keep vapor from forming on walls and mirrors.
  • Exhaust fans cool down areas of the home more quickly because the hot air is shuttled outside the home. In fact, having a whole house ventilation system wastes less energy than opening a window, which means you save money on monthly energy costs.

It should be noted that an incorrectly installed exhaust fan will cause heat and moisture to be dispersed in the home thus affecting affect air quality. In addition, the excess moisture can mold and odor in the home as well as within the structure of the home.

A dependable home ventilation system is an important part of your home. Be sure yours is working to its full potential.