Basement Flooding is no April Fool’s Joke! Here’s How to Handle it Properly.

Jokes and pranks are perfect for April Fool’s, but when it comes to your flooded basement, you shouldn’t clown around. You don’t want to swim in a pool of problems, do you? Here’s how to properly handle your flooded basement:

Do Not Enter: Whoa there! The water is dangerous! Even if you turn off the electricity, it’s best to call an electrician and SSR to help you.

Remove the Water (if less than 2 feet): The sooner you can get rid of the water, the better. Make sure to use tools, such as towels, instead of electric fans. Sump pumps are also great tools, so make sure to check if yours is still in good condition.

Remove Any and All Wet Item: Remove things like carpet, rugs, furniture, etc and let them dry out properly.

Now You Can Use Electrical Tools: Once you get rid of the water and remove the wet items, you can start using electrical tools like blowers, dehumidifiers and fans as long as they can be placed safely.

If you need help with your flooded basement, SSR is always one call away.    980-250-2711