Anyone who knows Sherrill Structural Repairs has probably figured out that we are huge UGA fans-Go Dawgs! Last weekend I had a job to do for a competitor. (I’m talking about a Georgia tech fan, not another company). Paying attention to the customer even closer than normal, due to his affiliation, I noticed how on edge and uncomfortable he was. That’s when it hit home! Dealing with structural issues is not an easy task as a home owner. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming and costly.

The project was straight forward and pretty simple. I would say it was about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. The front corner of the porch had been leaking for quite a few years, band sill in this area had decomposed and was now rotten, a valley from the roof drained straight off, and the roof wrapped under the facia and down the wall. This, in turn, caused the water to settle at the foundation and wick its way up to the band sill. If the roof and gutters had been fixed in this area, it could have saved money and a prevented a costly repair.

Keeping water away from the foundation is not something folks pay attention to all the time. As busy as we all are these days— it’s probably the last thing on our minds. The next time it’s raining, walk outside and check your gutters. Is water rolling over instead of draining out? Perhaps you need new facia or gutters that are pitched correctly- or even bigger gutters for that matter. Or maybe it’s a Drainage issue, every house is different.

Sherrill Structural Repairs has the expertise to evaluate your home and help you find a proper solution. Even if the solution does not require our services, we are problem solvers and we will be happy to provide you with a strategy to resolve the situation. Whether you need gutters or grading done, we will help find someone you can trust. No matter what team you pull for (even Georgia Tech)!

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- Joseph Sherrill