What If It’s So Hot Even Your Walls Are Sweating?

There are three things that we usually don’t like: sweaty armpits, sweaty cheese, and sweaty walls. The first two we can probably tolerate, but if you notice condensation gathering on your walls, it’s best to call an expert.

Sweaty walls can damage your home more than you think. Because of the heat and humidity, the walls tend to gather condensation, making them look sweaty. But just as we lose fat when we sweat, your home can actually lose its strong foundation. The water can be breaking down the wood studs in your walls and weakening the structure of your home.

Additionally, mold and pests love to party in nasty places like sweaty walls. So if you actually want to throw a party, make sure you don’t give these unwanted guests the opportunity to breed inside your house.

So if you’re having trouble with sweaty walls or if you have any questions, remember to give us a call and we’ll answer them all!  980-250-2711