Is it cold and flu season or does your home have mold?

At Sherrill Structural Repair we often add a little humor in our writing and like to keep things lighthearted, but when it comes to your health and your family’s health it’s no laughing matter when mold invades the home.  

We've all heard that mold can be dangerous for humans to breathe in, especially long term-but how do we know when we have mold? In general, many humans start with allergy or cold-like symptoms. Yup, sniffling, coughing, sneezing long term could be a sign of mold in your home. Children, elderly, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems are more at risk to show signs of mold effects within the home. If you suspect mold due to similar symptoms over a long period of time, visit a doctor immediately.


Additionally, if you think that you have already spotted the well known fuzz of mold, one easy test is to apply a couple drops of bleach. If it turns white then you have mold, if not then it is most likely something else. 


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Happy New Year from all of us at Sherrill Structural Repair!  Thank you for your business in 2019 and we look forward to being there for your needs in 2020.