Whoa there, Santa! It may be too dangerous to go down a tilting (or worse, separating) chimney! And unfortunately, we don’t think magical reindeer know how to fix this problem. But thank God we do!

You probably know this already if you follow us on Facebook or have read one of our blog posts, but your foundation is a key part of your home. And when it’s damaged, it can significantly affect different parts of your house— from your basement and yes, all the way up to your chimney.

In this blog post, we’ll go over a few of the most common chimney problems homeowners experience and what causes them.


A slanting or leaning chimney

Is your chimney looking a little slanted lately? We doubt it’s because Santa tried to climb down it. More often than not, it’s caused by a foundation problem.

Your chimney footing and your foundation are built on soil. And if the soul around these structures is unstable or oversaturated because of the weather, it’s more susceptible to shift and your foundation or footing could even sink.



Speaking of shifts in the soil, these movements in the ground can push against your foundation and footing, causing cracks to appear. Even when your chimney is built with durable materials such as brick or rock, the constant pressure from the soil has enough force to cause these hairline and sometimes, bigger cracks.


Separating or detaching chimney

A chimney that’s slowly separating or detaching from your home is dangerous. This problem could be caused by a few things, such as improper installation, weak footing, improper drainage, and shifting soil. While sealing the gap with caulk or other materials may be a temporary fix, the safest and best solution will always be to call a trusted professional to help you assess the problem & find a sustainable solution.

That’s what we’re here for. Our experts and professionals are trained and trusted by clients to deliver reliable foundation repair services.