Your home’s structural integrity depends a lot on your foundation. It supports different parts of your house— from your roof down to your floors. Keeping your foundation intact and protecting it from damage is extremely important.

 As a homeowner, you can identify if your foundation needs repairing by looking out for signs of damage. Here are some you should look out for:


1. Cracks: From hairline cracks on your floor to cracks in your walls, staircase and even around your door or window frames, these are usually tell-tale signs that your foundation has problems.
2. Puddles: Improper drainage can damage your foundation too. Check for standing water puddling at the corners of your home or around it.

3. Bugs: Check your basement for bugs. If you notice critters crawling around, that may mean that they have entered through cracks in the foundation or are drawn to the dampness that seeped in through the cracks.

4. Out of frame or sticky doors and windows: Have you noticed that suddenly your doors and windows are sticking out of the frames or that you can’t close them properly anymore? If it’s just a loose screw, then it’s an easy fix. But if it keeps jamming, it may be a good idea to have your foundation checked too.

5. Uneven or sagging floors: If your floors are starting to creak when you step on them or feel like they’re bouncy, there might be something wrong with your foundation. Contact a professional immediately, especially if you notice a gap between the floor and the wall.

6. Mold and moisture: Mold is more than just annoying. It can also be dangerous to your health and a sign of foundation damage. A cracked or damaged foundation can let moisture seep in and feed these spores to grow around your home. Moisture can also cause musty smells in your crawl space or basement and even wood rot.


Foundation damage is not a problem you should ignore. The structural integrity of your home, as well as the safety of your family depends on a strong foundation.

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