Your house’s New Year’s Resolutions

The first month of 2021 is finally here! It’s when people promise to turn a new leaf, commit to new goals (even though “lose weight” has been in your new year’s resolution since 2012), and aspire to be better than they were last year.

But who says those only apply to people? If your house had a new year’s resolution, what would it look like? 



We have a few ideas on what might be on the list: 

  1. Get a makeover: Your house probably knows that you’ve been binge-watching The Home Edit and Dream Home Makeover on Netflix. It knows that you have a home decor vision board on Pinterest. And because it can’t call on Marie Kondo for help (your house doesn’t have a phone. Or fingers), it’s just waiting for you to make a move. 
  2. Stay strong: To your house, staying strong is not just a hashtag; it’s a serious issue. And it’s probably been showing signs of foundation problems all this time, such as cracks in the walls, sticky doors, uneven floors, etc. 
  3. Stop entertaining awful guests: We know you’ve probably avoided inviting guests over because of the pandemic. But there might be some uninvited (and annoying) guests inside your house already, such as pests and mold! 
  4. It needs (structurally sound crawl) space: It’s not just your ex that needs space. Your house needs it too— more specifically, your crawlspace! When was the last time you had a crawl space inspection? Are you regularly making sure that it’s clean and structurally sound? 

No matter how long or short (hopefully) the list is, SSR can help you achieve your house goals for 2021. We provide helpful support and quality service for all your home interior and foundation repair needs. 

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Happy New Year from all of us at SSR!