Generally, saggy and bouncy floors are just plain annoying. But sometimes, they may be indicators of a bigger problem. If your floors are starting to creak or they feel a little bouncy, or even worse if you notice a gap between the floor and your wall, chances are that there’s something more going on.

Here are a few reasons why your floors may seem bouncy and saggy: 

Old Joists: It might be that the joists supporting your floor are old and starting to weaken over time. 

Overloading: Floors can feel overburdened too, you know? If your living room floors are sagging, it might be because the floors are supporting a much heavier load than what it can actually hold. 

Foundation Settling: It’s also very likely that you have foundation problems. If there are cracks in the drywall or on the outside of your house or if you have creaky floors, it may be time to have your foundation checked. 

Column Settling: It can also be because of weak soil that’s causing your crawl space to settle or sink. It’s a chain reaction that starts from the bottom and results in sagging bouncy floors. 

If you’re unsure about the cause of your floor problems, it’s best to ask the professionals. Sherrill Structural Repair is always here to help you! Give us a call at 980-250-2711.