So you’ve finally decided that it’s time to sell your house and move to a new one. Good for you! You wanted to make sure that everything is okay before you put your home on the market, but you discovered that the foundation is showing signs of age, maybe a few cracks here and there and perhaps a corner is slowly beginning to settle. Uh-oh. 

But wait, does that mean that you can’t sell your house anymore? Absolutely not! However, it does mean that you need to have the foundation repaired. 

What You Need To Know:

Okay, before you panic, let us just clarify that the cost of the repair and the possibility of you selling your house depends on the severity of the foundation problem and the real estate agent you speak to. Some agents say you should always make the repairs before putting your home on the market. Others will suggest that it’s okay to sell the house ‘as is’, but with full disclosure that foundation repairs are needed-- and an asking price that reflects it. 

Also, keep in mind that not every foundation problem is detrimental or extremely costly to repair, so calm down. If you are just discovering that you have a foundation issue, then chances are that it’s still a relatively small problem. Maybe it’s just a cosmetic concern that can be easily repaired or just left as is. 

Most of the time, if it’s a really serious problem, you’ll probably notice it anyway. For example:

  1. Are your doors or windows not opening/closing properly?
  2. Are your floors uneven? (Do chew toys or stress balls always seem to roll in the same direction?) 
  3. Are there cracks in the walls, especially near doors and windows?
  4. Do you have cracked tiles? (Unless, of course, you smashed them another way somehow) 
  5. Do your walls look like they’re bulging or bowing?
  6. Is there unexpected moisture on the foundation or home siding?
  7. Is there rot or erosion around the foundation?
  8. Is there water leaking around the commode or sink?


Of course, it’s always better to repair the foundation before selling your house. Here are more reasons why:

  1. You and the buyer can be sure that the house is stable. 
  2. You can get a better price for your house.
  3. You can reassure the buyer that the foundation is secure.
  4. There’s less risk of a buyer walking away due to structural issues. 
  5. You’re sure that this is one area of the home inspection that is sure to pass. 
  6. You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that the new owner won’t file a lawsuit against you after they discover the problem later. 


See? Needing foundation repairs doesn’t mean you have to give up on selling your house. Maybe you just have to take steps to repair it or talk to an expert about it. And if you happen to live in the Charlotte area, you can schedule an appointment with Sherrill Structural Repair for some expert assistance on what to do with your foundation problems.   Call us at 980-250-2711.