The Literal Root Cause of your Foundation Problems!

To find the cause of the problem, sometimes we need to look at every angle. But other times, like when it comes to foundation issues, you may need to dig deep and see what’s underneath.

Like humans, plants and trees are living creatures, meaning they need nutrients to survive like we do. They get their nutrients and hydration by absorbing them with their roots. To sustain itself properly, the roots spread out underground, moving the soil and pushing it into whatever is on the other side—including your home’s foundation.

This can cause settling issues, which also leads to cracks in your foundation and walls, especially if you have crawl spaces and basements. When you see cracks, it’s best to call a professional to investigate.

Remember that cutting down the tree is not always the answer. Professionals at Sherrill Structural Repair will help find alternative solutions to keep your home safe and problem-free.   980-250-2711