Why Opt for CMU Piers? When it comes to our homes, one of the most important parts is the foundation and support system. In Charlotte, many houses are built on...


When it comes to our homes, one of the most important parts is the foundation and support system. In Charlotte, many houses are built on a pier foundation system that provides support as well as a crawlspace underneath the house. More info here. There are two main options for pier foundations, steel or concrete, but one of the most common in Charlotte is CMU – concrete masonry units.



CMU piers are typically a series of 8” X 12” or 8” x 8” concrete blocks that are stacked on top of a proportionately sized footing, in order to provide support for a structure. And, like their steel counterparts provide, CMU piers offer a variety of advantages. Here are but a few.

  1. Concrete piers do not break or deteriorate easily, which means you don’t have to be concerned that your home will sink or become unlevel.
  2. They are capable of supporting the load bearing weight of a structure.
  3. They can usually be installed in 1 to 3 days.
  4. Installation does not typically require any heavy equipment to be a part of the install process- also a way they are cost effective!
  5. Since the average Charlotte, NC home does not have extremely deep soils, the CMU piers are completely effective at providing support for many years.
  6. Like their steel counterparts, the CMU piers means that your home is better protected from critters such as rodents or bugs.
  7. Unlike steel piers, it is not necessary to dig deep holes or do any drilling before the piers can be put in place. Better yet, they perform great with the clay-like that is so ubiquitous in North Carolina.
  8. The CMU piers are viewed by many as being eco-friendly because minimal dirt is displaced, and soil organisms are mostly undisturbed in order to install them.
  9. The number of CMU piers needed is based on the size of your home, so you only pay for what you need.
  10. They can be used with a variety of home types – from a stick build to modular to mobile homes.

Thanks to its more affordable price, strength and durability, working well with the Charlotte weather patterns, and that it keeps the house off the ground,  opting for CMU piers are a great choice for ensuring that your home is secure. If you have questions about an existing CMU pier system that may need to be inspected or repaired or perhaps are considering the foundation you should use for your new Charlotte home, talk to our team today!